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Hi everyone!  I’m Kevin M. Chevalier, a New York based public health researcher, biomathematician, and analyst.  My professional work has been in oncology, mathematical modeling, and biostatistics (integrating math and biology is fun!).

When I first started this site in 2012, I used it to keep track of my work in scientific journalism. It was a great experience, and you can still read my previous entries under journalism.

Now, I am going to put my course notes and study guides in mathematics (specifically calculus), organic chemistry, biochemistry, and the health sciences over here. I plan to update every week or two.  My original course notes are all handwritten (as many of you know when taking math and science classes) due to diagrams and other drawings.  I am rewriting them and converting them to pdf to include text and pictures.  So, it will take a bit of time, but it should be an engaging experience.

I mentioned this in detail in my science and math site, but will briefly discuss it here.  I know that math and science can be intimidating, but I feel that it shouldn’t be used as a tool to scare students and individuals from pursuing the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields.  Here’s something I showed my students and presented at my doctoral research methods class (the author was a genius for making this):

See, calculus always takes time to click!

See, calculus always takes time to click!  (We all had a great laugh from it esp. my professor since she had a background in econometrics)

When I was a grad student my approach was to make the material enjoyable (or even tolerable haha) while providing the necessary information for the course.  I knew that different students had different career paths.  Some wanted to go into the health field (medical, nursing, pharmacy) and life sciences, another group were in business and finance, others pursued engineering and the physical sciences, and finally there were the students in the arts and humanities.

I tailored the concepts and its applications to fit their backgrounds.  I felt that it was more helpful for them to learn about math and statistics that they can use in their career path rather than if I rambled on about linear optimization or least-squares regression. (Even I’d tell myself to shut up!) haha

My websites will provide more in depth information.  The math and science site have the handouts divided by section so it should be easier to navigate.  I post the handouts there before I put them here on my WordPress.

The notes are long so I divided them on the menu at the top where you can choose which pages you’ll need (math, chemistry, medical law and ethics, etc.).  When I complete putting up the handouts for the current subjects, I may also add study guides on cancer and linear algebra.

If you have any questions, feedback, or want to let me know if my handouts helped (hopefully it did!) with learning, you can send me an email:

Feel free to email me :)

Feel free to email me 🙂

For more information (reading about my crazy adventures, looking at food pictures, or me plunging down 18 stories in a bungee type swing) please visit my site: Lecahierdekev

Here’s me plunging down 18 stories for your amusement haha:

For ESL notes, you can go to: Lecahierdekev ESL

For the science and math website: LCDK Math and Science

Thank you and I hope you enjoy your stay!  Happy studying!

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Revised May 18, 2015

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